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"My lil man had the best time at sensory swim, it was great to see his confidence grow over the 6 weeks and he can’t wait to go back!I can’t recommend sensory swim enough to parents of children with additional needs, a chance for them to enjoy the water and be themselves."
Helen Stevens, mum to Harley. 
"When we first heard about the sensory swim classes we were ecstatic as our son loves swimming and we are always interested in finding new ways to keep him busy during out of school times. After the first session i knew it was a hit. Noah really enjoyed every session and i know he cant wait for more." 
Ed Cato, dad to Noah.
"Sophie was really nervous about going and kept begging me not to take her and promising that she would go the next week, however, half way through the lesson she declared how much she now loves swimming lessons and can't wait to do more!! She was so chuffed with how it went today that's she's even decided to try other types of lessons and wants to do guitar lessons like her sister! 
The teacher in the pool was truly lovely and really made Sophie feels at ease!  Thank you again." 
Stefanie Beresford, mum to Sophie. 
"Raven has really enjoyed the sensory swim lessons and I felt more at ease around parents who understand Raven's behaviours. The swimming teachers were great and Raven's confidence and skills have improved as a result."  Juliet Young, mum to Raven. 
"My son really enjoys sensory swim. He is getting a lot more confident in the water. The session is really relaxed which is great for him and fun." Clare Williams, mum to Christopher.
"My two children who are autistic, started these sessions in july 2018. In such a short space of time my son has become so much more confident. From being petrified and literally hugging tight around the neck, he now happily gets himself in and maneuvers himself around the pool, using the side or assistance from myself or Ash the instructor. My daughter is still a little unsure, but is gaining more and more confidence every week, its so great to see. Have to say, Ash is absolutely fantastic with the kids, very patient. Thank you for this amazing opportunity." Rosemary Wells, mum to Eli and Milly. 
"My son has thoroughly enjoyed his swimming lessons, he’s made and continues to make amazing progress! Thanks guys!" Kira Elliot, mum to Chace. 
" Sensory swim at Waterside, organised by Genevieve has been an extremely successful addition to our adapted timetable for children with SEND needs at Haylands. It is an intrinsic and invaluable experience for the children and parents are very pleased with the provision. Long may it continue!" Haylands Primary School, Ryde. 
"My little boy is Eric and he was officially diagnosed with non verbal autism at the age of 3. We soon found out about sensory swimming and I wanted to get Eric involved right away, but he hated water so much. Especially on his face!  But in 2019 we decided to try him with these lessons and he did indeed dislike being in the water, especially if anyone splashed him in the face.  But we persevered and the wonderful instructors at the pool helped him so much that even with the break (lockdown), Eric started to have the most amount of fun. He went from clinging on to me and crying to kicking his legs, then he went to floating by himself. Now he can swim! Yes he does wear his little life jacket, but he can jump in and get his face wet and he paddles, kicks his legs and doesn't panic in the slightest! He has come along so well and we couldn't be prouder of him. And it's all down to Sensory Swim and the amazing programme that it is. Especially the wonderful instructors at the waterside pool. 
Eric will now put swimming on his daily board and he will get so excited on the Friday as it's swimming the next day. It may be just 30 mins on a Saturday morning to some people, but that session is like life to Eric. I don't know what he'll do without it. It's changed his outlook on water and that's the most amazing thing ever. I would like to thank everyone involved in running Sensory Swimming. It's a blessing to have this programme. Thank you."
Jodie, mum to Eric.
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