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Start date: 8th September
Dates: A series of 8 classes every Saturday until Half Term. Last class October 28th. 
WooHoo!!! Back at the end of 2019, we received National Lottery Funding of £10,000!!! Of course, this was great news but then we were shut down by the Pandemic. So since reopening in the summer of 2021, we have at last been able to access the funds.  
The funds have been helping us to keep the sensory swim classes alive at Waterside Pool and as we had hoped, have enabled us to help make our swim classes accessible to all of the Island's children aged 4 - 12 with the help of The Isle of Wight Council's Short Breaks Program.  

Awarded £1,500 from the WightAID Foundation!
We are extremely grateful to the WightAID Foundation for  supporting Sensory Swim by enabling us to offer our swim classes to all Island children with sensory and learning disabilities. 

With the help of SHORT BREAKS,  we are now offering a third session of classes on Saturday mornings (11.30am).  Short Breaks support have helped to reduce the cost of this third session to £3 per child.  
11.30am - 12.00pm
Dates:  On going swim classes every Friday.
Currently unavailable


8.30 - 9.00 am
Dates: Ongoing classes every Saturday.  
Supported with the help of:


11.30am - 12.00pm
Dates: Ongoing classes every Saturday.
Supported with the help of:
Can you Help? 

We are currently looking for further funding in order to support continuing the free and/or reduced swim classes for children with learning and sensory disabilities on the Isle of Wight. Please email us directly at if you would like to help in any way and make a donation. Thank you! 
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News Flash 2019! Great news! The Wight Aid Foundation has kindly awarded Sensory Swim a grant of £1,500 to support the FREE swimming classes which are open to all Island children with sensory or learning disabilities until April/May 2019. Thank you WightAID!!!!


30 minute lessons

Book now 

07710 527907

£5.00 per child / 30 min class
x 8 lessons =
£40  *** Short Breaks have reduced this cost to £3 per class. x 8 lessons = £24 ***

Must have parent or carer present. Parent/Carer is also Free. 

Choose either class on Saturday mornings. 

Friday classes are currently unavailable.

8 Lessons /
in 10 weeks

***A huge thank you to the WightAID Foundation for their donation last year (2018) of £2,808 which supplied FREE swim lessons to all Island children with sensory and learning disabilities. We would also like to thank The Isle of Wight Council's Sports Development Unit for giving Sensory Swim a grant for our inaugural sensory swim course which began in 2017. This enabled us to start the classes and to see that this was a much needed service for all children with sensory or learning disabilities on the Isle of Wight. ***

SMALL CLASSES. All classes limited to 8 children per class to make sure your child has individual attention.  

The sensory swim programme will run 10 week courses continuously and will be on a first come/first served basis. There will be a waiting list so should you find that you're not able to take part in the first session, there will be a waiting list and you will be listed for the second session (depending on the wait list). If we find that we have a long wait list, we promise to endeavor to provide more classes.  

TO BOOK NOW, please call Waterside Pool directly on 01983 563656 or email us at 


"My lil man had the best time at sensory swim, it was great to see his confidence grow over the 6 weeks and he can’t wait to go back!
I can’t recommend sensory swim enough to parents of children with additional needs, a chance for them to enjoy the water and be themselves."
Helen Stevens, mum to Harley. 
 "Sophie was really nervous about going and kept begging me not to take her and promising that she would go the next week, however, half way through the lesson she declared how much she now loves swimming lessons and can't wait to do more!! She was so chuffed with how it went today that's she's even decided to try other types of lessons and wants to do guitar lessons like her sister!
The teacher in the pool was truly lovely and really made Sophie feels at ease!  Thank you again." 
Stefanie Beresford, mum to Sophie. 
"When we first heard about the sensory swim classes we were ecstatic as our son loves swimming and we are always interested in finding new ways to keep him busy during out of school times. After the first session i knew it was a hit. Noah really enjoyed every session and i know he cant wait for more."  
Ed Cato, dad to Noah.

Waterside Pool in Ryde on the Isle of Wight is a community Pool located on Ryde Esplanade near the boating lake. The pool is kept at a lovely warm temperature year round, with a retractable roof in the summer months. Changing facilities include a baby changing area as well as a playpen for children to make it easier while you change. Hoists and chairs are already there for those who need a helping hand. There is complete wheelchair access to the site, with a dedicated fully accessible changing room right next to the office, close to the pool. 

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